Putzmeister MP 25 Mortar Pump



The  Putzmeister MP 25 Mortar pump processes all pumpable premixed dry mortar. It handles all pumpable ready-mixed mortars such as ground coat plasters, adhesive mortars, reinforcement mortars, refractory mortars and texturing plasters both inside and out.

Different pump parts and pump versions can vary the mix and pump output from around 5 to 80 l/min.

This machine has unrestricted operational possibilities and is very easy to disassemble. It's reliability is known throughout the industry and is known as a real all-rounder.

Model: MP 25 
Conveying Performance: Up to 25 l/min 
Conveyor Pressure 40bar
Delivery Distance: Up to 40m horizontal or 15m vertical 
Mixing Pump Drive: El. Motor 5.5kW, 400V, 50HZ
Drive star wheel: El. Motor, 1.1kW
Compresson: 200l/min. 0.55 kW 
Container content: 115 l 
Water pump:  0.78 kW at 3.4 m3/h
Weight:  240kg
Length x Width x Height: 1,324 x 728 x 1,443 mm 

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