Paddle Mixers

Forced Action Paddle Mixer

This mixer is for small volumes of repairs, screeds and resins. Used in bridge repairs, car park repairs and industrial flooring repair.





Technical Data:  Forced Action Diesel Paddle Mixer

Capacity: 248ltrs  (9 cu tf)
Weight (less wheels): 471kg. (1,038lbs0
Length x Width x Height: 180cm (71") x 127cm (50") x 150cm (59")
Drive: Transmission, mechanical
Dump Action: Manual
Engine Spec: Model 1B30
Type: Air Cooled
Combustion System: Direct Injection
Number of Cylinders: 1
Horsepower:  6,8HP
Displacement: 347 cm3
Oil Capacity: 1 ltr
Engine Oil Type: CCMC – D4 – D5- PD2 OR API – CD – CE- CFCG – OR SHPD
Type Fuel:

EN 590 – DIN 51601 BS 2869 A1/A2 – ASTM D 975-1D/2D

Type Air Cleaner: Dry Element
Starting Method: Recoil Start