Putzmeister P13 Piston Pump

The Putzmeister P13 Piston Pump is the machine for the toughest of operations.  The robust double piston pump for plasters made of sand, lime, cement and other difficult mortar.  It conveys surge-free up to a vertical distance of 100m.  Despite its high performance it is wear resistant and absolutely reliable.

The powerful mechanical drive conveys difficult mortar better than other types of pumps.  For normal plastering work we recommend the KA 139 with its standard equipment.  For work with large outputs, the KK 139 is very suitable.  Both pumps convey with surge-free delivery and low wear and therefore cover a wide field of applications.
Ideal for: Job-site mixes or exterior and interior plasters in bags, bentonite slurries, special mortars, insulating plasters, cement plaster, lime-cement plaster, lightweight masonry mortar, self levelling floor screed.

Technical Data: Putzmeister P13 Piston Pump

Pump Mech. Piston pump KA 139
Theor. Delivery rate 15-65L/MIN (KA 139
Delivery pressure 40 bar
Delivery distance Up to 300m wide, up to 100m high
Air compressor 2-cylinder compressor, 3.5bar, 300l/min
Drive motor 2-cylinder diesel engine, 12.5 kW at 2,800 rpm
Weight 1,060kg
Length 3,530 mm
Width 1,640 mm
Height 1,450 mm
Filling height 1,300 mm
Maximum grain size 8 mm
Discharge connection M50

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